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A growler has become the most popular way to buy craft beer from your local brewery. The most common size is 2L or 64oz. They are usually made of glass, but steel is much better.

Like a normal growler, if you just put the cap on, you will get about 3 days unopened. If you use either our basic or pro taps, you can get 3 months or longer.

Absolutely! Fill it with anything you want, kombucha will stay nice and carbonated or any kind of soda drink. If you fill it with fresh juice, maybe avoid putting fresh fruit in there that can clog up the faucet with little bits of seeds.

If you want the cheap way, make sure you rinse it right after it’s empty, and then pour in some boiling water once in a while to sanitize it. If it sits with beer or you want to give it a good cleaning, we also carry these handy dandy cleaning tablets.

You could try, but you better rinse it very, very well. It is simply heartbreaking to ruin craft beer with the taste of soap. Also, soap isn’t very effective at getting residue off surfaces without scrubbing. So just use one of our cleaning tablets, that’s what they are designed for

You should be able to dispense about 6L of beer with one 16g cartridge. The main reason you might not achieve this is if you leave the regulator pressure set too high when not in use.

The stubby diameter is 135mm and 200mm high
The Tallboy diameter is 135mm and 350mm high

We have an in-house, state-of-the-art laser etching process that creates a permanent and sanitary mark without the use of any chemicals. Unlike silk screening that will wash off with regular cleanings.

Not at this time, but we are looking into that option with some local homebrew shops.