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Brewers C02 Mini Regulator


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This is the regulator you want for holding an exact pressure over an extended amount of time. Perfect for home brewers who want to have 5 or even 10 liters of beer on tap. 

The advantage this regulator has is that it's more rugged for extended use and more accurate for holding exactly the PSI you set it to.

It comes in 3 versions:

0-12 psi for a more accurate pour when serving your beer

0-30 psi gives you the ability to force carbonate your home brew but it's a bit more sensitive when serving. It works great for pouring but you need to get used to it.

0-90 psi made of stainless steel this regulator is heavy and can be used to carbonate soda water at around 65 psi or even large volumes of nitro coffee at 75 psi

All versions can be used with full size CO2 tanks to force carbonate any liquids you want.