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This is the Tapping Head for the CanKeg Mini Kegs, comes with 22" silicone dip tube, and keg lube sample.

It has 2 standard quick connect posts, the same connectors that home brewers have been using for years. These are great for keeping your beer under pressure and protected from oxygen. But when your ready to serve you just snap on the CO2 regulator and tap of your choice.

It also has a pressure-release valve set to 30 psi -- so for all you home brewers out there: you have a new way to force-carbonate your beer.

The CanKeg Ball Lock Mini Keg Lid will let you use ball lock gas and beer fittings on any CanKeg Mini Keg. It features a silicone dip tube that is flexible and heavier than beer, which means you can dispense kegs on their side and still have the beer pickup tube at the bottom. The silicone dip tube tubing included is 1/2" in outer diameter, and 3/16" in inner diameter.

Solid stainless steel construction (type 304). It features a 30 PSI relief valve, and the head can be completely disassembled for cleaning and repair. All parts are standard, including the ball lock posts, O rings, and even the relief valve. Fits all CanKeg Mini Kegs.

This cap comes standard with our Pro Tap Kit.

The thread on these mini kegs is 1" 16TPI.