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Picnic Tap Restriction Hose

Normally with a mini keg setup you simply serve at a lower pressure around 3-5 psi. This is fine for most situations where you don't need long term storage like when you are out camping.

But with the Fridge Tap Kit the need for flow restriction became apparent. We tried all kinds of fancy and expensive flow control taps and flow control disconnects but to our great delight, just shoving a cheap piece of tiny hose in the line worked the best by far!

This 3mm OD hose is food grade and super easy to install in any existing picnic tap. Just unscrew the top of the tap and shove it in, a little water will help it slip right in. 

If you want the same flow control for the silicone hose that comes with our Basic, Growl or Pop Tap Kit you will need the 4mm version of the same hose you can find that here.
Silicone Tube Restriction Hose

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