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Pro Tap Kit with 5L Keg and CO2

The perfect gift bundle for the serious beer nerd in your life, and it comes with everything you need to get pouring right away. Mini Kegs are a more sophisticated way to serve your favorite craft beverages, defiantly an upgrade from pop bottles or glass growlers. The 5L kegs is the most popular size for anyone who wants a way to share their home brew or bring just the right amount of your favorite craft beverage to the campsite or a dinner party.

The Pro Tap Kit comes with a professional level Intertap Faucet It's great for that sophisticated look at a dinner party or at the campsite. Pair it with a 5L Bubba Keg and you have the perfect amount to bring to a buddies house.

All new kits for 2021 come with our new "Perfect Pour System" Now you can keep the beer psi right where you like it, without fear of foam. 

This kit includes: (Bundle includes 5L Keg and 5 Pack of Co2)

If you want to use this kit with a sodastream canister like the Fridge Tap Kit, you can use this Sodastream Conversion Kit or add a Picnic Tap Kit if the situation calls for a long flexible tap with flow control.

Here is a video comparing all the different kits, this link is queued up to the Pro Tap Kit.