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July 25, 2023 3 min read

Let's build a BubbaBox!

A BubbaBox is like a Jockey Box except even more portable and way less complicated. The aim of this blog post is to list off all the parts that I used in THIS VIDEO to make the 50-Quart Black Coleman cooler with three BUBBA KEGS.
Here is the exact COOLER I bought off Amazon, unfortunately they have raised the price about $40 from when I bought it. But, as I say in the video, you can change it up any way you like with various coolers and pop bottles.


5L Kegs

You can use any size mini keg that we sell 2L Stubby, 4L Tallboy, 5L Bubba, 10L Big Boy. But the 5L Bubba is the most popular.

The other option is to use a pop bottles or a combination of mini kegs and pop bottles.
For each mini keg you will need a MEGA CAP KIT.
For each pop bottle you will need a POP TEE KIT.


NukaTap FC Kit
For serving, choose as many Nukatap FC Kits or Picnic Tap Kits that you like.

Drill through the cooler (liquid lines)

Carbonation CapFor the quick disconnect to go through the top of the cooler you can use RED or YELLOW, it doesn't matter. Use 1/4" bit for the bottom stem or use a 1 1/4" hole saw for the threaded diameter of the cap. Here is the moment in the video where I show that.


Then to secure the carbonation cap to the lid of the cooler you can use this COUPLING for use with the 3mm ID hose. You would use the 3mm hose when extra flow restriction is need to prevent foaming. Mainly an issue when serving beer. In this PROMO VIDEO the beer is being served at about 15psi through 4' of the 3mm hose and it worked great all day. 


Or use this REDUCER COUPLING for either the 4mm ID HOSE or the 5mm ID HOSE. You would use the 4mm with less carbonated beers when you want a faster flow than the 3mm. About 6' should be fine. For non carbonated beverages you can use the 5mm to have it pour nice and fast. Leave enough hose to open the lid.  

To make it easy you can just buy a full 12M roll of the EVABarrier 4mm hose and it will work for everything, both liquid and gas. 

Liquid Disconnect
You will need a 8mm LIQUID DISCONNECT for each keg or pop bottle in your box. This one work with either the 4mm ID or the 5mm ID because they both have a 8mm OD.
If you prefer the 3mm ID hose then you will need to use these 6.35mm LIQUID DISCONNECT.
You can get all sizes of the EVABarrier hose in either a 12M (40') Bag or by the foot.

Hook up the CO2

Most people will use a SodaStream canister but you can use any size paintball canister or even the tiny little 16g cartridges but that can get pricy over time.

You will need the SODASTREAM CONVERSION KIT to hook up to the SodaStream canisters. 


Now you need to make a manifold, you will need a DUOTIGHT 8mm TEE for each keg more than one in your box.

You will also need an extra GAS DISCONNECT for each keg or bottle. 

Here is the part in the video where I show this. It doesn't matter at all what size hose you use for the gas.

That's about it, fill up your kegs and bottles and your ready to go. If you would like to fill your own kegs from a commercial 50L Sanke keg check out this video demonstrating the Direct Fill method. 

More videos are on the way that will demonstrate how to make large batch cocktails in 2L and 5L batches. Here are a couple videos where I touch on the idea but more are coming soon.

BTW, Here is an old video I made a few years back, that shows one of the early attempts at a BubbaBox. The good news is now it’s way easier to build, and works even better. But you still might find the video interesting or funny, I was a little buzzed while filming.

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