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I started CanKeg as a small business to run out of a garage to stay home with my son Gus. I was already a homebrewer using mini kegs and thought it would be nice to bring the products to Canada, hence the name CanKeg.

After about a year of research, testing all the mini keg gear out on the market, I put together the kits you see here on the site. Add to that, a big fancy laser that took a few months to learn and CanKeg launched in January 2018.

Business is growing strong and I’m learning lots from the relationships I’m developing with my customers. I am focused on supplying breweries with their logo on the kegs and plan on growing further into the homebrew market.

I have developed a super easy way to brew 5 Liters of beer on the stove using just a stock pot, and I want to share that method with folks that are new to the hobby.