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I started CanKeg as a small business to run out of the garage and stay home with my son Gus. I was already a homebrewer using mini kegs and thought it would be nice to bring the products to Canada, hence the name CanKeg.

After a few years of research, testing all the mini keg gear out on the market, I put together the kits you see here on the site. Add to that, a big fancy laser that took a few months to learn and CanKeg launched in January 2018.

Business is growing strong and I’m learning lots from the relationships I’m developing with my customers and local breweries. I am always interested in the setups home brewers have and coming up with solutions. 

I am also focused on setting up breweries to do a proper "Direct Fill" and to supply them with branded kegs which in turn will grow their sales. I will also be launching an RV beer tour map for Spring 2021 including breweries that can properly fill up to 10L kegs.  

In these last two years I’ve learned how the home brew and craft beer community can help each other out and how important it is to support local businesses.