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January 01, 2018 1 min read

It all started the day I bought these three sanke kegs to cut the tops off, and turn them into a three tier home brewing system.

Well that was way too complicated so instead I just used one of the kegs and switched over to a brew in a bag method that was popular in Australia.

Eventually I made some decent home brew and needed a way to serve it, I defiantly didn't want to bottle 5 gallons so I got right into kegging it.

Kegerators are great, but they are expensive and not very portable. That's when I discovered the mini keg. It solved all the problems and opened new possibilities. I loved the flexibility of the mini keg so much that I decided to bring the product to Canada.

At the time, the cost of shipping any of the components into Canada basically doubled the price. So I named the company CanKeg, to bring kegs to Canadians at the best prices in the world.

Happy New Year

With about a year of preparation sourcing products, building this e-commerce site, building a warehouse, and even installing my own in house laser. I am proud to launch the company on January 1, 2018.

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