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Reinforced Gen 3 Stainless / Nylon Composite Pluto Dispensing Gun duotight compatible

Our Pluto guns are designed for the travelling beer aficionado, bbq / picnic brewlords, or even the kombucha cider folk of the world! These pluto guns are becoming more and more common in the industry for ease of pouring, reliability and that great feel of holding a dispensing weapon.

Now with a reinforced handle section. This helps to avoid stress fractures that had become very common with extended use over time.

This model is the Black Nylon / Stainless version, it comes with a barb that can suit 4mm to 6mm beer line. Extremely tough nylon coating, we've done a lot of testing with this model. 

Key Features:
- Reinforced Black Nylon Coated
- Adjustable tension spring
- 100% detachable for thorough cleaning of potential blockages.

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