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Ball Lock Disconnect (Black/Liquid) - with Integrated Tap Shank and Collar

This really handy, inexpensive and company ball lock disconnect has an integrated tap shank so you can attach standard beer taps such as the Nukatap FC directly to the ball lock disconnect. This save cost and reduces the necessary parts.

Want to attach a tap directly to a keg? This handle little device is less expensive and will make attaching taps to kegs even easier. 

Previously your only option was to purchase the MFL tap shank adaptor then attach this between the ball lock disconnect and the tap itself. Now you can do this with less parts as the ball lock disconnect has the integrated tap shank. 

Fits all standard beer taps such as the Nukatap, Perlick taps and many others. For the best performance we recommend this product be used with the Nukatap FC.