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Gas Free Ball Lock Line Cleaning Kit - PET Party Pump Combo

Gas Free Ball Lock Line Cleaning Kit

Are you ever in a situation where you don't want to unhook your gas line from your kegs, or have ball lock disconnects that you need to clean over at the sink but don't want to take your gas line all the way over there?
Well, we thought of a better way. Why not fill a PET Bottle with your cleaner / sanitizer and pump it without gas!

This little device can also be used as a mini party keg with out a gas source(should be consumed well within 24 hours of pumping) BYO Liquid disconnect, hose and bronco tap.

1 x Yellow Carbonation Cap
1 x PCO Tee Piece (Female x Male x Male)
1 x Mini Yellow Hand Pump
1 x 30cm Piece of EVABarrier 5mm ID x 8mm OD (can be stretched for larger PET bottles)