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Growler Filler Adapter (Intertap/Nukatap)

These are the same adapters you see at every growler fill station. Now you can show up with your own, and get them to fill your keg directly without ever being exposed to oxygen.

If you already have a Mini Keg and a Pro Tap Kit but you want to bring the freshness of your beer to the ultimate level, here is the way.

A regular growler will only keep beer fresh for a few days. The Pro Tap Kit will keep it fresh for weeks, which plenty for most people. But if you really want to make it last you need to make sure it never comes in contact with oxygen.

Here is how:

  • Simply attach the Picnic Tap Kit that came with your Pro Tap Kit to your keg but replace the tap end with the Growler Fill Adapter. (as seen below)
  • At the fill station insert the filler right inside the tap. (most fill stations will have sanitizer on hand to dip the filler into before inserting)

Extra steps for super beer nerds:

  • Before leaving the house, make sure your keg is clean using PBW or our handy Growler Cleaning Tablets
  • Properly sanitize the keg with Star San as per the instructions on the bottle, don't fear the foam! When filling you want to see the sanitizer foam coming out of the keg right before the beer does.
  • Bring along your Pro Regulator or the handy CO2 Trigger (FFL) with the grey Quick Connector and right before filling purge the air out of the picnic hose.