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NukaTap Mini - Horizontal Clamp On Assembly

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This bracket is compatible with tables that are up to 90mm thick. It can be adjusted to have the wing nut clamp in either direction, simply unscrew the flange piece from the threaded rod, then unscrew, then thread from the opposing side.

Please note: This item does not include the Mini NukaTap or Shank pieces. It is simply the stainless steel bracket.

We would recommend going the 6.35mm as you will use the absolute least amount of liquid line hosing with this method. The parts list for such a kit would be:
Vertical -> 1 x KL22002 NukaTap Mini - Vertical Clamp On Assembly
Or Horizontal -> 1 x KL04077 NukaTap Mini - Horizontal Clamp On Assembly
1 x KL32179 NukaTap Mini - Tap only
1 x KL32193 NukaTap Mini - Wall Mount Shank Kit (duotight 6.35mm)
1 x KL32216 NukaTap Mini & NukaTap FC Gen2 - Self Closing Tap spring
1 x KL24235 duotight 6.35mm (1/4) x Ball Lock Disconnect - (Black + Yellow Liquid)
and 1 x KL25331 Roll of EVABarrier 3mm x 6.35mm(1/4) Double Wall EVA (12meter Length in Bag) if you do not have some already.