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Trigger Charger (MFL)

For use with a standard Grey Quick Connector (1/4" MFL thread)

Just push the button to control the amount of CO2 and the speed, these triggers are actually quite easy to use with just a bit of practice.

Useful as a portable way to flush a mini keg with CO2 prior to filling with beer, or for an easy way to push sanitizer through your lines for cleaning.

Pro Tip
Bring this to the growler bar with just The Mega Cap. Before they fill your CanKeg, shoot a blast of CO2 into your keg to purge the oxygen -- this will make a huge difference to how long your beer will last. When your keg is full and The Mega Cap is on, pop on the Trigger Charger with the quick-disconnect and pressurize the keg. Guaranteed to impress anyone who fills your CanKeg.