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Sanke Tap Kit

Get a keg directly from your favorite brewery or local liquor store and serve straight from the keg. 20, 30 or 50 liters, whatever fits in your fridge. Or just shove it in a garbage pale with a bunch of ice.
The kit comes with the sodastream conversion kit that will allow you to serve several 50L kegs from a single canister. A professional grade Stainless steel Sanke D coupling with quick disconnect posts making setup a snap. You might remember those awful pumps that ruin the beer with oxygen and give you nothing but foam. The CanKeg Sanke Tap kit solves this problem in three ways.
  • Transporting the keg will shake up the contents but who wants to wait for the keg to settle down, nobody! With a quick tug on the pressure release valve and it's problem solved.
  • We also include the flow control connecter that makes it simple for anyone to dial in a perfect pour with ease.
  • And if that wasn't enough we also include this fancy Pluto gun that feels great in your hand and gives you the perfect head every time.

If you want to be really fancy why not get one of these Yeti 85 Tanks to toss the keg into.