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May 01, 2020 2 min read

Yes, CanKeg is open for business, in fact business is growing faster than ever, I can barely keep up! We have several new exciting products were about to release and a whole new beer delivery system that is going to revolutionize the way breweries get beer to their customers.

Unfortunately, business is also worse than ever, and we are in a tough spot right now. There is huge demand but no supply, here are the two problems we face. The cost of goods has gone up drastically, and nothing is being shipped. Because of “the virus” the Canadian dollar is extremely low right now, but the worst part is that shipping costs have tripled to the point that almost half the cost of an item is shipping.

I invested heavily in product back in January to get ready for spring but due to the world situation nothing is actually being shipped. So, to put it plainly I have most of the company’s capital invested in a lot of boxes that are waiting in line at the airport. UPS has got us by the balls right now, they can charge whatever they want, and the service is terrible. Let’s just hope they don’t lose any boxes on the way.

For now, I have pretty good stocks of all the Mini Kegs but it’s the parts that go in the kits that are getting scarce. If I am missing even a single part of a kit, I can’t build it. For instance, a Pro Tap Kit has 16 different components in it. So, your going to start seeing many items go out of stock on the site soon. But don’t worry, once the boxes arrive, we will have lots of everything, hopefully in time for summer!

Right now, all we can do is sit back and wait. I’ll try to keep the prices down and weather out this time like everybody else but until the dollar goes up and shipping comes down, there isn’t much I can do.

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