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May 01, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

If we ever get our shipment here are some the products we are excited to be releasing this spring.

Blowtie Spunding Valves

Almost every single day I get one or more emails asking when these will be available and I can understand why. Pressurized fermentations are all the rage right now, you get your beer faster and it is never exposed to oxygen. What’s not to love? Personally, I have yet to have a taste of the beer made with this method. Maybe once were out of this lockdown one of my lovely customers will bring me a sample 😊

The other thing you can do with these is use them for doing pressurized keg fills. Just take a clean sanitized keg with a Mega Cap, get the keg up to the pressure of your Sanke keg. Snap on the liquid jumper and the spunding valve and your ready to fill. Maintain the pressure with the Blowtie and you can perfectly fill the keg to the top in minutes, no foam and no wasted beer. There will be a whole video on this process coming soon.

There is also a new version on the way that has the gauge and the valve all in one. We will carry both versions at CanKeg but the more compact version will be great for doing keg fills.

Fridge Tap Kit

This will be a streamlined version of our Pro Tap Kit giving you just the parts you need to serve beer from your fridge with a sodastream canister. In our current situation portability is as necessary so we got ride of the bar tap and the 16g CO2 to make it most cost effective. You can always add the other parts later if you like. Or if you really want to go all the way why not build yourself a 15L Bubba Box!

Bubba Box 15L

Here is a new version of the Bubba Box using these new Colman 50 Quart coolers. It holds three 5L Bubba kegs perfectly, it already has the cup holders so it’s easier to build and it has wheels! So take those Bubba kegs you got delivered from the brewery and hook them up in your own custom made Bubba Box.

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Jane Duggan
Jane Duggan

December 12, 2020

I can be a tester for Bubba Box and can pick up in Calgary. How much is it and where are you located? Thanks. Jane Duggan

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