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November 21, 2019 1 min read 1 Comment

The numbers below are approximations, there are several factors that affect the amount of CO2 is used up when serving beer. For instance, if you fill a 4L Tallboy Keg at a brewery, depending on how they fill it they will do a good job of preserving the carbonation or they won't and you will have to add it back in.

If you want to serve the whole keg at a dinner party in a single evening, that will be no problem at all. But if you put one liter back in the fridge and leave the regulator set to around 10 psi you’re going to fill a mostly empty get with all your gas. I personally find it better to turn the regulator off and just let the beer go slightly flat. It will still be perfectly fresh, just not as bubbly. There is no sense using up an extra cartridge for that little bit of beer.

Now if you have a 5 or 10 liter keg you might want to hook up to a larger tank. Here are rough estimates of the amount of beer you can serve with each size tank.


  Size in ounces Size in grams Liters of beer if just dispensing Liters of beer if force carbonating
Cartridge 0.5 16 5 1
SodaStream 14.5 410 80 28
Paintball 12 340 75 25
Paintball 20 567 100 33
Paintball 24 680 150 50
2.5 lb 40 1130 300 100
5 lb 80 2270 600 200
10 lb 160 4540 1200 400

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Miguel Alejandro Contreras
Miguel Alejandro Contreras

January 03, 2021

Nice information… just what I need!! Thx

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